You have so many demands on your time so why should you make time for yoga? Here are my key reasons why Yoga should be incorporated to your lifestyle along with any of the other physical activities you currently enjoy.


If you have been thinking about giving Yoga a try then take advantage of our free taster class.  Why not STOP - UNPLUG - RECHARGE 




Ever Feel Stressed?


More and more people are living with worry and anxiety some or all of the time which can be a hidden time bomb for all sorts of health issues, physical and/or mental.


Yoga is a remarkably effective and easy way to relieve the physical symptoms of stress, which in turn can help with the calming the mind.


40 years of practicing and teaching yoga has led me to observe the benefits of yoga in opening pathways to a more balanced perspective, both physical and mental, which can be instrumental to handling stressful personal or workplace situations from peoples' lives. Yoga can help you change the way you feel with the ‘no pain, no gain’ scenario.



You’ve lost your flexibility


Now’s the time to find it again.  Yoga is brilliant for this. With regular practice it is a given, your flexibility will return.


Are you wedded to your chair, office or home?


If you are spending most of your day at your desk, in are car or lying on your sofa the chances are tha, posture will be an issue which brings with it inherent health consequences.   Again, the yoga postures (known as asanas) will help to rectify posture imbalances and strengthen your muscles and help keep you bones aligned.  This is achieved in a measured and gentle way.  Believe me, you do not have to tie yourself in impossible knots which is what many people think.


Your back hurts


Back pain is not just dreadful for the suffer but is costing the UK dearly.


Around 4.2 million working days were lost by workers aged 50-64 alone in 2014.  Those aged 25-34 were absent for 1.89 million days due to back pain, while those in the 35-49 bracket missed 3.86million days in the office.  Up to 9.96 million in 2014

The total is estimated at more than a billion pounds and is a "ticking time-bomb".


And, the fact is that in a significant proportion of back pain problems small life style changes can make a big difference to prevention and cure. First step is prevention but if you have a problem you MUST go and see your doctor first to confirm that exercise is an appropriate course of action.  If yes, then Yoga again is ideally placed to make a difference. 


You want to lose weight


As yoga works internally and externally it enhances the performance of your body.  This, along with informed lifestyle and dietary choices, is an ideal combination to achieve weight loss.  As you lose weight you need to be proactive about toning your body.  Yoga naturally does this with sustained and regular practice.


You have arthritis


Firstly, as always, check with your doctor.  If exercise is appropriate then yoga provides gentle low impact therapy for your joints.  Our classes cater to arthritis sufferers. You will already be aware that people with certain types of arthritis are advised to stay active. Let your teacher know the details of your condition and he or she will tailor each posture to your limitations and individual issues. 


You are pregnant


Congratulations! If you've never done yoga before, this is a great time to start. Please check with your doctor first. If exercise is appropriate, Yoga is ideally suited to pregnancy as it is can help you relax, prepare for giving birth and provide techniques to cope with pain. Prenatal yoga classes offer a time to slow down and connect with your changing body. Check out the website for up and coming classes or write to us on our contact page to express in such classes.


You deserve some ‘me time’


This is the time to smile as you give yourself the gift of your own undivided attention for the duration of your class because ‘you’re worth it’.  Unplug from the cares and concerns of the day and be with yourself.  You will be amazed at the results.  You really can make that time and it is well worth it - your mood will be elevated and you will almost certainly fell the benefits long beyong the time spent in the class.


Give it a try – take that first step


If you haven’t been to one of our classes before you’re welcome to try a class for FREE .  And, if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to call or write